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Best Picks for National Cheese Pizza Day

September 5, 2016

Pizza at Saratoga Race Course

Today might be Labor Day, which also translates to the end of summer. But in addition to that, today is National Cheese Pizza Day, and I don’t know about all of you, but I couldn’t think of a better way to cap off the end of summer with lots of za to my face.

But you might be wondering… WHERE can you get the best pizza around?

Well, it just so happens that pizza is my favorite food, and I’ve had my fair share of pizza around this city – so I feel as though I’m well qualified to give you some insight. Here are my top picks:


Whether you get it crispy or not, Gennaro’s pizza is definitely one of my favorites in Saratoga. I love the sauce, I love that they use fresh mozzarella on all of their pizzas, and the meatballs are phenom. Seriously, if you like meatballs – you have to try the meatball pizza.

Harvest and Hearth

Thin and crispy pizza made in a wood fired oven really doesn’t get any better than Harvest and Hearth. Whether you’re spending your Labor Day out on the lake and want to grab a bite to eat after or you’re getting take out to bring home – Harvest and Hearth is another solid option for celebrating the holiday.

Popes Pizza

I’m sorry to dangle the carrot, but Popes isn’t open on Mondays, so you can’t get a pizza from them today. But this wouldn’t have been a real list if I left them off. Popes Pizza is the crown jewel of Saratoga, and no one can mess with them. They take cash only, they only answer the phone if you’re lucky, and they randomly close for weeks at a time without giving anyone notice. This place is legendary in Saratoga, and the pizza (order it extra crispy) is some of the very closest to NYC style pizza you can get in Upstate NY.

Pies on Wheels

I just had this pizza for the first time earlier this summer, and let me tell you guys, it was practically an out of body experience. Also, I think my mouth is still burnt from it, too. They’ve been set up at the Saratoga Race Course all summer, so if you’re spending the day there, GET THIS in celebration of the holiday. After today, they’ll be popping up at random events throughout the fall, but today is your last sure bet to taste their thin crust, wood fired pizza that cooks in like 4 minutes.

That’s it, that’s everything. Honestly, pizza is hard to screw up, so you could probably order it from practically anywhere in Saratoga and be somewhat satisfied. But these restaurants listed above are the elite, taking their pizza to a whole other level.

Enjoy the holiday(s), everyone!

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