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A Fresh New Menu at The Wine Bar

May 13, 2015

The Wine Bar has been on my mind lately.

For one because I absolutely love Chef Dominic Colose’s blog, and secondly, because I don’t think they always get the recognition they deserve.

But I’ll expand on the latter in a bit.

Last Friday night, Tim and I decided to veer from the usual and have a “date night”, which usually means no food pictures or write-ups, and after looking at my list of restaurants I’ve been meaning to get to, The Wine Bar was basically shouting at me from my mini chalk board.

And then I remembered that the new spring menu was released just a couple weeks ago, and I knew that it was time for a visit.

So I hopped onto Open Table and reserved a table for two in less than five minutes, and just like that, reservations were made.

We were seated at my favorite spot in the restaurant, right by the window overlooking Broadway. With a full bodied Cabernet in my hand, I reviewed the menu and found myself torn between the butter poached salmon and the coriander chicken.

When it came down to it, the chicken seemed more my style that night. Plus, it totally worked with my wine, which was a double win.

Chicken is one of those dishes that is a hit or miss, so a lot of times I choose not to get it. But this experience was completely different. The chicken was extremely juicy, but had a super crunchy crust of spices which infused the chicken with their warm, nutty and curry flavors.

It was tender and oh so moist. Not only that, but it was also unbelievably flavorful thanks to the crust it formed.

Now back to what I was saying in the beginning. What I really enjoyed specifically about The Wine Bar was that the menu was relatively limited. In my opinion, having a small menu allows the chef and kitchen staff to really focus on each individual dish, making each choice just as food as the next.

In addition to that, I believe Chef Colose is an extremely talented chef, not only in Saratoga, but within the Capital Region. His courage to offer unique and out of the box menu items and his knowledge for the industry is really special, and I don’t think he always receives the respect and recognition that he deserves.

If you haven’t been to The Wine Bar in a while, you need to pay a visit there. The spring menu is bomb-diggity, and chances are you’ll enjoy your meal just as much as I did.

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  • Reply jazzngas May 13, 2015 at 4:55 pm

    You are so right. Chef Colose is one of the top chefs in the Capital District that too few know about.

    • Reply Ashley May 14, 2015 at 8:22 am

      Absolutely! I thoroughly enjoyed dining at The Wine Bar, and can’t wait to go back again for more!

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